Screen Master Bottle-PRO Screen Printer

Curved screen-printing machine is mainly used for printing cylindrical type, cone type products, Such as a variety of plastic, glass, metal materials made of cylindrical, conical shape products, including wine bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetics bottles and other packaging bottles; Mugs, thermos mugs, beer mugs, red mugs, etc. Glass tube, pen, ballpoint pen, fishing rod, bat and other small cylindrical products; Pure bucket, paint bucket, alcohol bucket, paint bucket, oil and lubricating oil bucket and other large packaging cylindrical products.

For cylindrical or conical type products, the printing surface has a large concave or convex, the printing surface has spots and other non-plane printing is not suitable for the machine.

Key Specifications

  • Up to 80mm Diameter

    This curved screen-printing machine is mainly used for printing cylindrical and conical products with a diameter below 80 mm.

  • Print up to 140 x 160 mm

    The maximum printing height of the machine is 140 mm, the length of the arc is 160 mm.

  • Spring Installation Method

    Just put the screen plate into the back support plate from below of the printing plate rack, and then put the screen plate into the front support plate, tighten the screen plate fixing screw.


The machine has been fully adjusted before leaving the factory. The customer only needs to install the spring and screen frame landing board for use.

Export to Europe and America standard fumigation-free wooden box packaging, all kinds of metal parts in the box are individually packaged or placed in isolation to ensure that all kinds of metal parts do not contact directly.

This machines uses a screen that is 300 x 235 mm and the height within 30 mm. There is 2 screens included with the shipment.

You can print on most materials including metal, glass and plastics.

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